11:48 AM

well i am not feeling creative yet today. Been on this computer most the morning. Messing around on Blog Explosion. Can be quite addicting.
Did come more cross stitch, cleaned the kitchen and did a load of laundry. Nothing on tv, and don't feel like watching tv. so here i sit lol.
The sun did peak through alittle bit ago. I went outside, but too muggy to stay out.
I hate not having a car!!!! Kevin will be home sometime late tonight with my car. I think i have been hibernating in this house too long. 2 days, with no car, no daughter and no b/f..i am about to go stir crazy!!! No one to bitch at. lol just kidding.

well i am off to go surf for a bit, then maybe i will feel creative, or then again i might not


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