6:56 AM

lets hope today is a better day for me! i got some good rest, so hopefully nothing too stressful will happen today**hope hope hope** lol.

today will be dishes and laundry day. and i need to clean my car out. I MIGHT try to finish my site, in between cleaning and entertaining tailor. Her being 5 yrs old, she sure sucks the attention out of me.

I can't believe it is memorial day weekend already!! Time is flying by so fast this year for me. Hurricane season starts next week here. I am kinda nervous about it. If i didn't have my dad here, i wouldn't be as nervous i don't think. but time will tell what happens.

dont' really have much to say this morning. still trying to wake up lol.

til later

2 Responses to "tgif"

  1. LifeMoments Says:

    As for the hurricans.....I only pray that you guys are safe...

  2. Kristy Says:

    Thank you :)

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