6:06 PM

Gotta love it. today has been stressful. i have been infront of this computer 80% of the day today.
Had a frickin trojan virus this morning that took me 5 hours to get rid of!!!! :(( i was not a happy camper. BUT with some reading and figuring shit out, i got rid of it. Then i had to work on my website, cuz i have no idea what the hell i am doing lmao. well i do ..kinda. but i got a page done, and want to add paypal but can't figure out how to get the html code in the photo template ..so pissed. was going to redo the whole page, but gave up cuz i was tired. I got behind in my laundry and dishes past couple of days, not to mention my msn groups i am in and message boards i am in. But laundry and dishes are caught up now.

kevin is at work tonight. he worked all day then came home for supper and will probably be home between midnight and 2 am. long day for him as well.

well that about sums up my day today. hopefully tomorrow will be a better one. got a dr appt in the morning, and then back to the puter to finish this website.

til tomorrow

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  1. kat Says:

    Paypal codes for each individual piece of jewelery?
    You have to paste it directly in the entry. Like jewelery piece 1, paste the paypal code for that entry and so on.

  2. Kristy Says:

    Yes, for individual piece. but the prob is the pic are in a template, and when i go to html page, all my text and pics are in a template html code, and i can't get the code(or button) pasted to where i want it to go on the page. lol. if that makes sense. *pulling hair out*

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