well i should say evening now!!! geez i haven't had time to get back here. i worked on my site all day, and am almost done so i will be able to republish it!! yeah!! i just have to make a few graphics and upload a few more pics then i am done. so i am hoping to be done tomorrow. i guess it wouldn't be so much work, but i am never happy with it, and so i start all over from scratch lol. just too picky i guess

well am making supper now, and trying to unwind after all the computer work. if i wasn't so stubborn, i would hire someone who knows what the heck they are doing and design the site for me. but not the case. i wanna prove a point to myself, that i can do it all by myself i guess

i was browsing the net last night, looking at blogs. there are some cute ones out there!!!!!! mine is soo boring compared to other ones out there ! i love to look at other's taste in design and ablities to do them.

well better get to checking on supper. making meatloaf, mashed taters and corn tonight.
til tomorrow ~~

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