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Wow, i got up early this morning. 5 am!! I never get up this early.
My daughter's father flew in from illinois wed night to visit her, she has been staying with him in the hotel, so she isn't home..maybe that is why i am up soo early..got another day to myself !!

Not sure of my plans yet today tho. I know i need to do laundry and finish the dishes up.
Yesterday i started to do macreme. I want to start selling it soon. I am also doing cross stitch, but not to sell. I have completed two projects and now am on my third.

Being a sahm is tough sometimes when money runs short, i gotta find something to supplement our income. Even if i found a part time job somewhere, it has to be close to my house, and not very many hours a day. With taking care of my dad i need to be close by. It is frustrating at times.

I just moved in sept from illinois to florida, i dont' know a soul down here either lol That makes it tough as well. I thought the move would be good for my depression, and the truth is it made it worse! But have been to a dr and got a med change, so i am feeling much better.

Gotta go now. May be back later for some more ramblings :)

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